I am still amazed at how different your children can be. You think that since one is one way, that the next will be just like the first. But they constantly amaze you at how similar they can be, yet at the same time how different they can be. Landon has always been a giggler. He gave us the most adorable giggles from a very young age. Still at three and a half, he is always the jokester and will burst into spontaneous laughter. Tatum on the other hand gives us plenty of smiles, but has never been a big giggler. From the start it seems like we have had to work up quite a sweat trying to do funny things to get Tatum to laugh at us. If we are successful, what we get from her is a quick little...ha! That's it...just one....not a series of giggles. Just a quick and short, HA! But lately, she has been starting to laugh more when you tickle her or if you catch her doing something naughty. I love this moment that I caught her deep in a good old belly laugh while Carlos was running after Mommy with the camera at the Goblin Jamboree. It makes me grin from ear to ear! 


  1. My nephew is the same way, he will laugh uncontrollably whenever someone is holding him and chasing someone else. It's hilarious but often hard to catch on camera! : )

  2. Leah - It is hard to capture, so I was so glad I was able to capture that moment, since it is so rare for her!


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