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Have you checked out the new online magazine, Rue? I guess I am a little behind in the times to notice the online magazine world taking off (Lonny, Nesting Newbies),but I am in love with it. Do you know how many magazines I have stocked in our coffee table? Filled to the top! I am driving my husband crazy! I have always been a gadget girl and even though it is fun to hold a magazine and read it, I really prefer the online version. It doesn't take up space and for some reason it seems easier to read it online then to pick up the one right in front of me and read it. What is is even more fabulous is that you can click on an item you like and it will take you to the website where you can purchase the item or it will tell you where to purchase it.  Now if they would only make these magazines in pdf versions so we can read them on our iPads. Right now, you can't read it on the iPad.  Check out the pages below just to get a glimpse of the amazing layouts. I love the blend of fashion with home decor. For those foodies out there who need their food magazine fix, check out Sweet Paul

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