Savvy in San Francisco

I have had my personal blog, Simply Sanchez, for over three and a half years. I started blogging right after my son, Landon, was born in March of 2007, as a way to let my family and friends close and far know what is going on in our lives. I first started writing it in Landon's voice and it was originally titled, Landon's World. Once my daughter, Tatum, came along in June 2009, I changed the title to Simply Sanchez, to incorporate the whole family. Much to Landon's dismay, it wasn't just Landon's world anymore and he had to share it with his baby sister.

Recently, one of my closest friends from high school, Maile, came out to attend the Mighty Summit.  I was lucky enough to have her stay a couple of days after the summit with me, so we could catch up and play in the city.  She persuaded motivated and inspired me to start a lifestyle blog based on all of my savvy tips that I have learned along my adventure of living in San Francisco while raising two babies.

A lot of my friends turn to me for advice on what products you need when you have a baby (is there something wrong with owning four baby carrying contraptions or having five strollers), what restaurant they should eat at, where to stay or eat while on vacation or what product/contraption is the coolest and newest must have gadget. The only reason I have not already started a lifestyle blog before is because I have always considered myself a “talker” and not a writer. If you ask me a question, I can talk your ear off with the answer, but when it comes to writing it out, maybe not so much. But I thought I should give it a try! Plus, I wanted to have a place to post on a daily basis. I love my Simply Sanchez blog as a place to record the bambinos’ lives, but I have found that I am so picky about editing and posting the pictures in chronological order that I find myself constantly two months behind. If you haven’t noticed from Simply Sanchez, I like to take A LOT of pictures.

On Savvy in San Francisco, I want to share with you what is going on in the city, what is my newest baby or home gadget obsession,  my most recently acquired fashion bargain and share my pictures of our adventures in the city. Who knows if anyone will listen, but if I can TRANSFORM one new mother's life by introducing them to the ITZBEEN timer (more on that later) or telling a bargain fashionista about the cutest boots I bought for $30, then I have made a difference!  I hope you will join me on this journey!

*Photo taken by Maile on her iPhone.

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