Epiphanie Camera Bags

I am loving my Epiphanie Camera Bag from the very talented Maile Wilson. Belle is the perfect bag for this mommy of two that is usually carrying my DSLR with me and doesn't want to carry an extra bag just for my camera. It has velcro panels inside that let you adjust them to whatever lens/camera/diaper configuration works best for you! If I have both of the bambinos with me, I will just bring the camera with the one lens.  Then I stuff the rest of the bag full of diapers, wipes, my essentials (iPhone, wallet and lip gloss) and snacks for the bambinos. I love that there is finally a stylish and functional camera bag out there for women. With my obsessions for purses, I might need one in every color! 

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  1. I have Ginger and Black Lola. I use them for big trips and travel. Pink Belle is o my wish list, gonna need something for everyday !


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