Favorite Baby Things - ITZBEEN Timer

If you have a new baby in your home, the ITZBEEN timer is one of my must haves!  I first heard about the ITZBEEN timer from One Fabulous Mom as one of her favorite things. It was a life savor for me! The ITZBEEN keeps track of the last time you changed the baby's diaper, fed the baby, when they went to sleep and an extra one for an type of reminder that you need. In my case that was taking my meds from the c-section surgery. There is also a tab on the bottom to remind you of which side you last breastfeed on. You are so sleep deprived that you can hardly remember your last name, so you need something that reminds you when you last did everything.  The ITZBEEN timer is so lightweight that it is great to carry around in your diaper bag with you when you are out and about and need a reminder of your schedule. I seriously wouldn't have been able to function without it when Landon and Tatum were newborns. It comes in three colors (blue, pink and green). I have the pink of course! If you have a new baby this is a MUST HAVE! 

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