Pot Pie

Shortly after I had Landon, my friend, Ingri, came to visit us and brought us the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G chicken pot pie. I have tried many chicken pot pies and made a handful as well, but this truly is the best chicken pot pie I have ever had. She bought it at Woodlands Market in Kentfield (They also have locations in Tiburon and Ross). There is something about the crust - it's actually ALL about the flaky, savory crust! They make a vegetable pot pie which is EQUALLY as good as the chicken pot pie if you are a vegetarian. As you can see from the label above - it's a little pricey (but worth every penny) and has a short list of ingredients (but somehow they can take that short list of ingredients and create magic). While you are there, you can pick up one of their yummy salads to go with the pot pie and something delicious from there bakery. Thanks to Ingri, this has become my go to dinner treat for any of my new mommy friends after they come home from the hospital! Enjoy!

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