Last Friday, we had date night at Prospect. Prospect is the baby of Nancy Oakes of Boulevard.  Michael Bauer called Prospect a thoroughbred and gave it 3.5 stars. The restaurant is in a huge space off of the Embarcadero. I took all of these photos with my iPhone, so they are not the best photos. I potentially also had a little problem with forgetting to take a picture of the food before we dove into it. So, the food pictures are a little messy. I will have to be better next time to remember.  We started with the Black Cod with Shrimp Miso Fritter and Chilled Beets. The black cod was tasty, but we could have eaten a whole plate of the shrimp miso fritters. The chilled beets were delicious and refreshing but wasn't crazy about the vadouvan yogurt that came along with it. I ordered the Northern Halibut with chanterelles, celery root & sunchoke puree, oyster bisque emulsion and crispy sunchokes per Michael Bauer's recommendation. Carlos ordered the Lamb Loin with fingerling potatoes, artichokes, marcona almond romesco, green olive and mint. Carlos really liked the lamb and I had to take his word for it since I gave up meat last April. For dessert we had a hard time choosing between the Petit S’mores with house made marshmallows, graham wafers,melted ganache and syrah reduction or the Ice Cream Sandwiches with espresso-chocolate cookie and coffee-cocoa streusel ice cream.  We went with the Petit S'mores! They were delicious with the thinnest house made graham wafers that added such a nice delicate taste. I do wish that the house made marshmallows were a little bit warmer so that it would melt a little bit more and be the squishy s'mores that we are used to. Overall, we enjoyed our dinner, but not sure about the almost $200 bill that came along with it. With so many delicious restaurants in San Francisco, not sure we would go back, but it was a fun and delicious date night. 

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