Home Goods

All I read about on a bunch of design blogs is this store called Home Goods. I finally became envious of all of their deals and finds that they were bringing home and decided to go check it out myself. We only have a few in the Bay Area - the closest three to San Francisco were San Carlos, Moraga and Vacaville. I decided to make the trek over the Bay Bridge to go check out the one in Moraga. I figured I could multi-task and stop in downtown SF on the way back so we could have coffee with Carlos. I absolutely loved the place and wanted to go crazy there but restrained myself to just a couple of items. We are currently in the process of weeding out unnecessary items in our house and didn't want to bring extra items home to defeat the purpose. Once we have done the filtering out process maybe then I can treat myself to some fun new treats for the house. The only way I can describe Home Goods is that it is similar to TJ Maxx's home section but times ten! They had such fun accent chairs, adorable lamps, huge floor rugs and gigantic mirrors. I bought the first three items along with some other necessities and thought the oversized chair was adorable for $299! The dress form that I bought was only $19.99 and a perfect item for me to hang all of my long necklaces on. I have been searching for something to hang them on without putting holes in my wall to do so. They have been getting into a tangled mess in my jewelry armoir and I needed a new place to put them. I think this dress form is very fun! I needed a new oven mitt and this set was only $5.99 and I love the print. I have also been needing new towels for our guest bathroom and these Calvin Klein towels were a steal at $7.99 a piece. I can't wait to go back after we are done weeding out all the extra items, so I can buy a couple fun new pieces to spruce up the place. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! We are off to the SF Zoo!


  1. Love me some Home Goods!!! However....I need NOTHING now. They have great things during the holidays. I got some awesome cone, bead and feather, trees for Halloween! So fun! Oh and Syd has a pretty step stool from there!

  2. ah! i'm a fellow SF mom who is soo jealous of my friends in other places with Home Goods nearby. There is an enormous awesome one in my hometown outside of chicago but just not enough room in the luggage to bring what (read=everything) i wanted back! i'll have to check out the one in Moraga sometime soon.

  3. Mamma Mags - Great to hear from a fellow SF Mom! I am totally addicted. I went down to the San Carlos one yesterday! I like the Moraga one a lot better than the San Carlos one.


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