Kate Spade's Glitter Heels

I spotted these sparkly beauties at TJMaxx today and am having a lot of regret that I passed them up. I let them take a ride around in my shopping cart and then returned them. They were only $179.99 and are still full price at Zappos.com at $325.00.
But it is so hard to justify these shoes being a SAHM that maybe gets to dress up in heels once or twice a month. I have a pretty vast shoe collection that has been in hibernation for almost the last two years after I left my job to stay home with the bambinos. I basically live in my flats  - Tieks and Tori Burch Reva flats or my Hunter rain boots. It is hard to imagine myself showing up to the playground for a play date rocking a pair of heels especially while I am 7.5 months pregnant!

But the shoeaholic in me can't stop thinking about these GORGEOUS statement heels! How could you not feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in these glittery heels?


  1. They are so beautiful! I can't believe they were THAT much cheaper at Teej! Crazy! And I know, it is hard to justify unless you have a specific event to wear them to??

  2. Bud & Leo - I know! They are so beautiful! If I had a wedding or something, I feel like I would be justified and then I would wear them for fun at other points...but no reason right now.

  3. Stop it!! Those are too freaking fantastic!! So, you need to let me in on the secret - where are the best TJ Maxx's in the area? Also - did they have more of these. I might need to find a way to justify myself a pair. They're like a party for your feet!!

  4. Great find!!!!!! The perfect party shoes. lovely blog you have, following! perhaps you will do the same for my blog. :)

    Best, Tamra


  5. You sooo need those shoes!! Remember
    our job, mommy/domestic engineer/loving
    Sexy wife deserves a salary :) I say go
    back and get those shows!!
    Wear them to delivery baby girl Sanchez :)
    love ya

  6. Becca - I found these at the TJMaxx in Moraga. But there is one in Daly City too. I haven't checked out too many of them. But whenever I go to a Home Goods, TJMaxx is always next door!

    Thanks Tamra! They are the perfect party shoes.

    Marci - I KNOW! Everyone is tempting me! AAAHHHH! Thanks for following! XOXO

  7. Totally get where your coming from, but these are just stunning and at such a deal!! Mommies need sparkly shoes too :)

  8. Girl, my inner barbie wants them NOW. And my inner mommy says, 'really?' I totally get it, lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, HAPPY MONDAY!! Your little ones are AH- dorable!! xoxo shelli


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