Favorite Finds - For My Nest

I have been going through some serious pregnancy nesting. It is funny because it seems even more extreme this time around then the last two pregnancies. I think it is because I am not working this pregnancy (like I was with Landon and Tatum), so I am in the house a lot and I just want to organize, organize, ORGANIZE! We also need to figure out how to best fit this family of five into this house. 

These are some of the good finds that I have found over the last week at Home Goods, Ikea and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Our old bedroom colors were tan and burgundy, so I wanted something lighter and brighter.  I first found the gray & white duvet cover from Ikea for ....wait for it....$14.99 for a queen duvet cover with two shams.  HELLO!  I thought I wanted some glass lamps to replace our bronze lamps, but then I spotted these lamps at Home Goods and had to have them.  The lamps were $29.99 each! I also found the pillows at Home Goods for $19.99 each for the big ones (I saw something very similar at BB&B for $29.99 each) and $12.99 for the small sequined one.  I also bought both of the those frames from Home Goods (still need to add pictures) for $4.99 and $7.99.  I love the stone one!  The gray curtains with the embossed floral print on them gives a nice texture to the room without being too busy for my duvet cover.  I bought those at Ikea for $39.99 for TWO panels as compared to the $50-$100 PER panel at BB&B.  I found the mirror (which I still need to figure out how to hang so that it is secure enough not to fall on us in the middle of the night if there is an earthquake) at Home Goods for $49.99.  I think it will look great above the bed!  I also found the vase at Home Goods for $9.99.  It is going to go on top of our armoire once we find the top of it underneath all of the clutter that has been tossed onto it! The last picture is of the new runners I bought from Bed Bath & Beyond for our hallway.  Our old ones had taken quite a beating from the bambinos and we were ready for new ones.  They were $89.00 a piece and then of course I used my BB&B 20% off coupons on them so they $71 a piece.  Did you know that Bed Bath & Beyond lets you use ALL of those 20% off coupons at once (even if they are expired)?  It is possible to walk in there and use 16 coupons all at once (I of course would have NEVER done that...but I have heard that it can be done ;-)!)

This weekend we are headed to Off the Grid at Fort Mason tonight for some yummy food from food carts, music and drinks (well for Carlos...not me...boo).  Saturday we have a kid birthday party over in Tiburon and need to do some serious organizing of our bedroom.  On Sunday I am headed over to the Alameda Flea Market for some awesome vintage finds!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Those pillows? Swoon! Love them!

  2. LOVE those pillows! Great finds!

  3. Beautiful! Love the teal colors. Really makes the room pop!

  4. I love that we both did posts about our bargain finds! I am obsessed with that mirror, great find! You will def find somewhere to hang it. I always buy stuff and then find a place for it!

  5. Thanks everyone! The room is starting to come together...slowly but surely!

    Natalie - I really want to hang it above the bed, but it has a really weird hole it in that would only fit a nail and not a mirror/picture hanger hook. So I need to figure out how to secure it so it stays where it belongs!


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