Maternity Craving - Spring

Maternity Spring Fling

The weather has been gorgeous here in San Francisco over the last couple of weeks with a little bit of rain here and there.  I am hoping that the rain is done and the sunshine is here to stay. Living in San Francisco, you have to be all about the layers.  It can go from foggy to sunny to windy and back to foggy again all in one day. So you need to wear layers that you can take on and off as the weather changes throughout the day.  Old Navy has some great Spring maternity clothes for really great prices that are perfect for this San Francisco weather.  Of course, I had to throw in some extra doses of pink with the Tieks (I have tangerine and gold, but definitely have the pink on my TO GET list) and the Michael Kors pink watch.  Tieks are the perfect shoes to bring along in your purse and when your pregnant feet can't handle the wedges anymore, you can make a quick switch into comfortable and cute ballet flats.

Maternity Spring Fling by savvyinsanfrancisco featuring pink watches


  1. Can't believe those clothes are from Old Navy! So cute!

  2. I love the mix and match feel to your little mood board (is that what it's called?) Now that I am doing the 333 project, I so appreciate clothes that can go with other things in your wardrobe. You are so right about layering too. Gosh, I'll have to think on that...
    Tell me, have the Tieks held up well?

  3. It has been nice (past tense). Gosh today it is totally cold and windy. I came home to change in between working and an event and I had to throw on a winter sweater - it is downright cold outside today!! That said, I'm dreaming of the temps getting back up so I can wear all kinds of light dresses. I'm also loving the wedges you have featured in your mood board! I love the little ankle ties!

  4. B&L - I know! It's nice to get some cute items without spending a lot of money since you can only wear them for a short amount of time while pregnant.

    Camille - I love my Tieks and they are holding up really well! I wear them CONSTANTLY!

    Becca - I know! It was so windy and cold today. Those wedges come in a couple different colors and even a fun floral print!


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