Tales from the Weekend

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! We had a really nice weekend here in San Francisco. 

The pictures of the bambinos is at Lafayette Park. After a two year old birthday party, we got some serious playground time in while we soaked in the Vitamin D.  

I was able to wear my new shoes that I got at TJMaxx for a steal to date night with Carlos at Baker and Banker in Pacific Heights. These shoes make my Mom so nervous! She thinks pregnant women should only wear flats! 

We thought Baker and Banker was good (not amazing) but we were definitely in love with their dessert and breads. Probably won't go back (since there are so many amazing restaurants in the city, it has to be a special restaurant to go back twice). But they do have a bakery right next to the restaurant that is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 9am -5pm, that we will probably hit up. The last picture is of our PB&J creme brulee with two homemade nutter butters. The cookies were amazing!!! 

At dinner I also pulled out my Mom's vintage navy blue clutch from the 80's!! This is why I am convinced you are not supposed to get rid of anything. It all comes back! Have a great week everyone!


  1. What is that dessert?! It looks amazing. I would not mind digging into that! Yum.

  2. What a fun weekend! Those shoes are adorable.

  3. Becca - It was a PB&J creme brulee with homemade nutter butters. The creme brulee was on top of homemade strawberry jam. The jam was a little overpowering to the peanut butter creme brulee, so we just ate that part. The nutter butters were OUTRAGEOUS! There poppyseed challah bread was delicious. They let me buy a loaf to take home with us.

    Amanda - Thanks! They are comfy too!


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