Big Girl Bed

We are on day two of Tatum being in her big girl bed. I have to say (knock on wood) that things have gone rather smoothly. Which is not the way we expected it to go! But she has slept in their for two nights and one nap time without getting out of the bed until we come in to get her. I am sure she is going to figure out that she is allowed to get out on her own eventually, but for now, we are hoping she will think those are the rules!!

We didn't switch Landon to his big boy bed until he was already two, but since Baby Girl is on her way, we needed to give Tatum a month before her sister came to get used to the big girl bed. We didn't want her to associate the change from crib to bed because of her baby sister. They say that you shouldn't do any big events (potty training, taking away their binky or changing their bed situation) around the same time the new baby is born since that is such a big life changing event already. I am having my third c-section with Baby Girl and you are not allowed to lift over a certain amount of weight after the surgery. Once Carlos goes back to work, I will need Tatum to get herself in and out of bed.

Wish us luck that this good behavior in her bed will continue!! 


  1. Love it! Sydney has owls too!!

  2. My fingers are crossed for you. We recently did the same!

  3. Things have gone exceptionally well compared to Landon! She hasn't tried to get out of her bed once since Sunday (even at nap time). It seems too good to be true!


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