Three Weeks

I can't believe this sweet little girl is coming in three weeks from today. I can't believe that we are going from a family of four to a family of five. I can't believe that these are the last three weeks that my body will carry another human being. Now don't get me wrong, pregnancy is not this really easy thing that I enjoy doing (heartburn, nausea, backache, weight gain,hormonal imbalance), but it is this amazing miracle that your body can grow and support this little being.  It is bittersweet for me to realize that I won't be doing this again (feeling the movement, kicks, firmness of my round belly).  I am also very excited to take my body back and hopefully get into the best shape of my life while I chase three littles around! It is just a strange realization for me to accept that this is the last three weeks that I will ever be pregnant.

I had a hard time really soaking in the time when Tatum was an infant because I was so busy figuring out how to manage a toddler at the same time.  I realize that with three, things are going to be even crazier.  But I am hoping that I know a little more now to know what to expect with Tatum as she hits her toddler years while trying to soak in everything baby with baby girl. Realizing that this is our last infant, I want to absorb it all because I know it will fly by. Just like with pregnancy, the infant period can be crazy too (sleepless nights, colic, breastfeeding issues, etc) but it can also be wonderful (sweet snuggly naps on your chest, sweet coos that come out of their mouths as they figure out how to make sounds, first smiles, first giggle and sweet tiny pajamas that smell like Dreft). Here's to my body doing amazing things and the last three weeks of being pregnant!


  1. This almost, almost, makes me want to pregnant again! Not going to happen but I've enjoyed reliving it through this pregnancy of yours! Enjoy these last three weeks.

  2. Tasha- You should!! Three is the new two!! ;-)

  3. Great pic! Congratulations on your soon to be here baby girl! (I voted for Sophie, btw). :D Followed you over from Delightful Blogs and delightful it is!



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