Memorial Day

I know I am pretty late in posting these Memorial Day Weekend, but I wanted to share pictures from our weekend.  We went over to my BFF's house in the East Bay to have some backyard playtime with REAL grass and some good BBQ.  They recently redid the backyard and added a deck.  Living in San Francisco, there are not a lot of days that you can sit in the backyard and be warm enough to enjoy a BBQ.  So the kids really enjoyed soaking up the warm weather and running around in the grass while us parents got to enjoy good "adult" conversation!  Even though it would have been a little better if Mommy could have enjoyed some margaritas and wine like Daddy did!

This weekend is our final weekend as a family of four! Next weekend there will be five of us! I am so excited to meet this little princess but so nervous for my c-section and how everything is changing. My parents have offered to let us go out on a date night tomorrow night (which made me tear up).  It will be our last date night for awhile!  We will be busy putting together the swing, baby papasan chair and doing the final organizing touches on the house.  It is supposed to rain this weekend, but I am crossing my fingers that it won't!  I would love to have some fun park time this weekend with the bambinos before the big event next week!  I hope everyone has a fabulous and DRY weekend!


  1. I love your parents.

  2. So many cute photos! Can't believe it will soon be family of five for you!!!


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