Loving Lately

Enjoying my new bowl from Anthropologie for my "desk" space.  It is a great place for me to shed all of my baubles, so I am free to type away!  My new "desk" space is coming together nicely.  I am enjoying this little place that I have carved out for myself in a room that looks like it has been swallowed by a preschool.  Once I am done, I will show you the before (it wasn't pretty..quite the dump zone) and the after photos. 

As a side note: I attempted to go online in the middle of the night while breastfeeding Charlotte (WHEN is she going to sleep through the night) and the sight was already crashing.  I then stupidly enough thought I could hit up the Novato target and find some items in person, but EVERYTHING was gone, the only Missoni for Target items that were left were five lingerie sets.  I was in search of a throw, coffee mugs, throw pillow and maybe a scarf, but there was NOTHING!  Now I hear that there are over 16,000 items on eBay.  It kind of makes me sick to my stomach that these hoarders went to Target and bought piles of items just in order to charge outrageous prices on eBay.  I did finally get through on the Target website and everything is pretty much picked over, but I was able to purchase two items.  I will share with you when I receive them! Did any of you have crazy #MissoniforTarget stories?  

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