Teva Mush Flyweights

I don't know about you guys, but when I am at home or walking around the neighborhood, I could live in flip flops.  I have never been a huge tennis shoe girl and let's be honest, with three bambinos in tow, I am not walking to the corner cafe in my heels.  But when the cold weather comes around (which is a majority of the year in San Francisco), it's a little too cold for flip flops.  Teva sent me a pair of shoes from their new shoe line, Teva Mush Flyweight, to product test.  I chose the Teva Mush Frio Ballerina (they have a Mary Jane style as well) in Baton Rouge color (you know how I like my pink).  They based the Teva Mush Flyweights on their best-selling Mush flip flops.  It has the comfort of the flip flop but keeps your feet warm! 

I took them out for a test drive over the last two days, when I was out and about with the kiddos.  On Wednesday I walked all over Ikea in them and then I wore them again on Thursday at the California Academy of Sciences.  The shoes really do feel like you are wearing flip flops and are extremely comfortable.  I have to say that for wearing a new pair of shoes for two days in a row, I didn't need to wear them in at all!  They were just comfortable to wear - end of story.

What is even better is that they are so lightweight!  They are a great travel shoe that can collapse down in your suitcase, so they don't take up a lot of room, just like flip flops! Yes honey, I do need to bring four pairs of flip flops to Maui!    

These will definitely be my casual grab and go shoes for when I need to run downstairs, take Landon to preschool or walk to the corner cafe for a coffee.  

*Sidenote: For every pair of Teva shoes sold in 2011, Teva will help protect a linear foot of global waterways in rivers, lakes and oceans. Pretty cool!

(images 1-5 via Savvy in San Francisco; image 6 via Teva)

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