ALT Summit Eve Dinner - Cocktails, Crafts & Cooking

Dayna, myself and Amy on a wild car ride back to the hotel. had me at cocktail! 

If it gives you any idea to how crazy things have been since I got back from ALT (and when I mean crazy - I mean my spinning out of control and my lack of focus), I started writing this post a week ago! 

One of my favorite moments at ALT definitely was the first evening at the interactive dinner with Kelly Wilkinson and Sarah Flotard.  I met a lot of fabulous ladies, decorated some fun dinner napkins, pickled some scallions and ate some really delicious food. They sent us home with our pickled scallions (that I know have a mild obsession with seriously...what else can I put these on - never was a big pickled fan before - Carlos now thinks I have a problem.  Did you know that you can put them on homemade pizza, carnitas, roast beef sandwiches and on a hot dog...oh can*), our napkin, a book of recipes from the evenings delicacies and a copy of Kelly's book, Weekend Handmade (which I can't wait to dig into)! Thank you to our lovely hosts for such a wonderful evening and the perfect way to kick off ALT!

*Forgive the four sentences that ended up being dedicated to pickled scallions!
**The most shameful thing I have to admit is that these (besides the pictures I posted earlier out my hotel balcony) were the ONLY pictures I took at ALT.  I brought my camera and two lenses because I wanted to capture every moment.  I guess I was too busy being caught up in all of the moments to pull out my camera.  The rest of my pictures that I will post will be from my camera phone.  C'est la vie! 


  1. I think we all lucked out and got the best Alt Eve dinner! Love the photos too!!


  2. everything looks so lovely. great photos! =)

  3. love it! we got the best night out! xoox so nice meeting you! xoxo

  4. Kelly and I had the BEST time putting this dinner together and all you amazing ladies made it all the more fun. Thanks for being there and sharing your beautiful photos!


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