Buried in Boxes

Checking out our new house - very excited!
Wearing his great grandfather's hat (my Papa's hat).
I'm going to miss this view on my drive home!
The kids & I spent the night at Mimi & Papa's house the night before the move to stay out of the movers' way! Mimi and Landon made beignets for breakfast.
My first latte and one of our many gorgeous flowers out on our deck!
I apologize for disappearing last week! It has been a crazy week with trying to get everything ready for the move and the move itself.  Now that we are in the new house, I'm overwhelmed by the number of boxes that have taken over our house.  It feels like we will never be able to unpack everything.  On the bright side, I am absolutely in love with our new house and with the outside space for the kids and for us!  It was so nice the other day to enjoy our breakfast and lattes out on the deck soaking up the sun!  Hopefully in all of this craziness, I will be able to blog a little bit more than I did last week.  

Just to add a little more craziness into the mix, I am trying to get ready for Landon's 5th birthday on Sunday and then we leave on vacation next week for Florida. YIKES! 

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