It's all in the details - Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

Stores within stores!
It's all about color! 
So much effort went into the design of the store. 
Local artists' art installations are all throughout the store.
Last Wednesday, Lindsay and I were lucky enough to get a tour of the new Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek before they had their grand opening on Friday.  The store is absolutely beautiful!  I had never realized how many little details go into the design of the store until they were pointed out to me on the tour.  All of their furniture is designed personally for the store and they have some truly unique and gorgeous pieces.  (If you see the large creme/tan ottoman up above from the shoe department, you can see how they designed it to line up with the change in color of the carpet.)  Their dressing rooms are large and luxurious.  The mens is made to look like a man's apartment and the womens to look like a women's studio.  All over the store are beautiful and brightly colored art installations done by local artists.  They had many of the artists on hand to explain their work.

I highly recommend if you live in the East Bay or if you find yourself on a shopping trip to Walnut Creek, to stop by Neiman Marcus for a one of kind shopping experience.  If you tire from all of the shopping that you end up doing while over there, you should stop by Va de Vi for a glass of vino and some tasty bites for lunch!  Happy shopping!


  1. It looks like you could spend hours just walking around the store! Funny that you recommended Va de Vi, I went there just over a year ago after I finished the last night of the bar exam! It was the perfect place to sit and decompress with a glass of wine :)

  2. oh it's so pretty! if your feet get tired, there are a couple of great inexpensive reflexology foot massage places that you can get massages at too! $25 an HOUR :]



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