Insta Weekend

Received some crazy ice cream flavors from Wonka Ice Cream to sample - mailed to me in dry ice - so cool! 
Snuggle time with this little one
Had a chance to peak into this new book!
Found out that this little one doesn't enjoy the pool unless it's really warm!
Built our patio table! 
Lusted after this Chloe purse (yes it's true - I can't get enough of yellow)!
This one is like a fish in water!
Was thrilled to meet my BFF's gorgeous little girl, Elise Riley! 
The bambinos were so patient in the hospital waiting room while we visited Elise. 
These two loved wearing their new goggles, but never actually used them underwater.
We spent three days in a row in our new pool!
Laying down on our outdoor couch and taking a moment!
Enjoying the warm weather!
Hope everyone has had a great start to their week and was able to enjoy the AMAZING weather this last weekend! It was 94 on Friday and in the 80's on Saturday and Sunday.  We were able to test out our new pool all three days and it was hard to get the kids out of there.  My best friend had a BABY GIRL (it was a surprise and she already has a boy)!  She is precious and I'm excited to share all of the girls sweet dresses with her!  We had our friends over for a little dinner party and we were able to get a preview of what the summer will be like - lots of dinner parties on the deck.

How was your weekend? What did you guys do?

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  1. How GREAT was this weekend, especially for your new pool! I'm jealous! :)

    1. Kelly - It was the most amazing weekend! Sad that it has been cloudy the past two days and that rain is headed our way!

  2. It was beautiful this weekend! Glad you got good use out of the pool, and how cool is dry ice??!

    x carlina

    1. Carlina - So beautiful! Need to figure out something to do with the dry ice for fun with the kids!


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