What's In Your Carry-On?

I am lucky enough to be guest posting over at Hey Caryl for her new series, "What's in your carry-on?" today!  Caryl is an amazing event planner at Roar Events and she is a lifestyle blogger that shares all of the things that she is passionate about.  I had the privilege of meeting her at Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City and we have found out that not only do we both live in the Bay Area, but we share a lot of loves for the same things!  Head on over to say hi to Caryl and to check out more about what I bring in my carry-on bag! 
image via Hey Caryl


  1. oh I love this collage piece! What platform did you use to create this??! Thanks, doll!

    x carlina

    1. Caryl actually put it together in Photoshop!


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