CLEARly it's time for a vacation!

I can't believe that it is the end of June already - summer seems to be slipping away so quickly.  Even though I would like it to slow down and last a lot longer than it seems to be, I am anxious to get to the end of July.  We are headed to Maui for a much needed BEACH vacation!  We usually try to go to Maui once a year at the end of summer, but we were not able to go last year since Charlotte was only a couple of months old.  Maui is not as fun if you are waking up every three hours to breastfeed an infant.    

The only downside to a tropical vacation with three kids in tow, is having to deal with getting through airport security and trying to entertain the three of them on a five hour plane ride.  Before having kids I didn't even pay attention to how parents got through security with their kids.  I remember the first time going through security with Landon in the airport.  You want me to what?  Take him out of his car seat and stroller?  Fold up his stroller that is carrying every single item we need to maintain this little life form and put it all on the conveyor belt? WHAT?  It was definitely a rude awakening and we have finally mastered the process with all three kids - but it definitely is a juggling act. 

So when I heard that CLEAR had opened at SFO along with Dallas, Denver and Orlando, I was excited by the thought of not having to wait in a long security cue with all three bambinos pulling on my leg!  To be able to possibly save 10 to 20 minutes of not having to wait in a line with three bored kids could definitely be a blessing.  All you have to do is go the CLEARcard kiosk (where I have never seen a line), verify your biometric information and then you get whisked into airport security.  The best part about having the CLEARcard is that it covers your children under eighteen traveling with you for free! Yes please times three! 

CLEAR has given me one (one-year membership) CLEARcard to giveaway to one of my lucky jetset readers! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below sharing your favorite travel tip (you can have  one additional entry for each item that you do down below - leave a separate comment for each entry):
Be sure to include your email address in the comment section if you are not logged in.  Giveaway is open to residents of the USA only.  Giveaway ends Friday, July 13th at 6pm PST.  Winner will be randomly drawn and will have 48 hours to respond to email notification or a new winner will be chosen.

CLEAR is also offering three free months FREE to Savvy in San Francisco readers to check out the service!  All that summer travel just got a lot easier! The code  is CMNB07 and it expires at the end of July.

This post was sponsored by CLEAR, the card that speeds you through airport security. I received a CLEAR card for this post and one to give away to readers. All thoughts and words are mine.

CLEAR is now open in all terminals at SFO (San Francisco International Airport). To learn more about how CLEAR works, check out the CLEAR website and CLEAR's blog.



  1. Oh I always see a line at the SFO Clear area! Definitely a great service! Enjoy Maui, I want to hear all about it!

    x Carlina
    Today's the last day to enter my Giveaway!!

  2. Scratch Card become the good source to promote your organiztion

  3. I'm leaning to bring lots of snacks and activities for the baby. Yikes, traveling is so stressful now!

    Monica :)

  4. Ohh this would be amazing <3 I'll feel all elite lol*

    @abitnerdy on twitter
    Mel Tee on Facebook :)

    abitnerdygirl at gmail dot com

  5. Always carry on your electronics. Yes mom I'm talking to you! ;)

  6. John C on Facebook.
    JD Northwest on Twitter.

  7. Traveling with kids has been a huge change from my high priority business flyer days.


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