Twice as Nice - {Bay Area Twin Babies Photographer}

These sweet twins turned one in May and I met them out at Cavallo Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge to capture them!  I thought it was challenging to shoot one baby in a family - but twins can definitely be a handful.  It was so funny to see how they react to each other!  If one was upset the other one was quick to follow.  I give huge props to all of the moms of twins out there! Once we got to the old army housing porch they started to feel more comfortable as they were able to crawl around and explore - and that's when the fun happens! 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! We are hoping this strange cold weather improves and we are able to enjoy our new BBQ we bought.  We are also going to check out the San Anselmo Wine and Art Festival this weekend!  What are all of you up to?

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  1. omg I could die for these photos I will so follow u


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