Mermaid Princess

Last week was full of firsts!  One of those firsts was Tatum's first day of preschool!  I found it interesting to see the difference between the first and the second child's first day of school.  When Landon started preschool it was a very emotional day for me him.  But since Tatum has always been a very "go with the flow" child, she did the same with her first day of preschool.  We stayed with her for about five minutes and then we left without her getting upset.  She just started doing a puzzle and it seemed like she been going there for months.  I can not confirm or deny that there was a slight welling up of tears in my eyes.  

I love how you can see the age difference when it comes to the ideas of what they want to be when they grow up.  I've never heard of a mermaid princess (aka Ariel) as far as an occupation, but I'm sure by the time Tatum is ready for college, it could be a new major! 

What type of princess would you be?  Is there such a thing as a purse and shoe princess? 

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