Cheers to the Weekend

I was just at Nordstrom and found these in the kids shoe section! STOP IT!  The perfect way to start your littlest one's addiction to shoes!  Doesn't every girl deserve her first pair of shoes to be Stuart Weitzman

This weekend is kind of a mellow weekend - which I am really looking forward to.  Landon has his soccer practice on Saturday and I have a family photo shoot in the Presidio on Sunday.  But other than that, we don't have any obligations.  Sometimes it's nice to have a low key weekend ahead of you! 

Next week is a pretty busy week with a lot of fun events to attend!  I'm beyond thrilled to be interviewing Trina Turk in person next week!  She is going to be at Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek showing her Fall Collection 2012 and previewing her holiday collection from 2-3pm on Thursday, September 20th.  Any questions that you would like me to ask her when I interview her?  Let me know!

What are your plans for the weekend? Busy or low-key? '

P.S. I pre-ordered my iPhone 5 last night at midnight!!!!!! The photographer in me has been patiently waiting for this new release to replace my iPhone 4 with it's lackluster camera. EXCITED!!! Anyone else order the iPhone 5?


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  1. Those itty bitty shoes are just adorable...I just might enjoy shopping for baby clothes more than my own :)


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