Tasty Treats - Plate Shop

A couple of weekends ago, Carlos and I went on a date night to Plate Shop in Sausalito.  Plate Shop is a farm-to-table restaurant with a vegetable and herb garden in their backyard and they even have two chickens that provide them with eggs.  

The cocktails were fresh (using the herbs from the garden) and creative.  The food was delicious with simple and clean flavors.  When we first arrived the place was just starting to fill up and by the time we left, it was packed.  It's nice to find a restaurant in Marin that you would expect to find in San Francisco.  

Afterwards, we walked downtown to grab an ice cream cone at Lappert's.  It was a gorgeous evening, so we enjoyed a nice walk along the water. 

Plate Shop is open for dinner and Sunday brunch.  If you are up for an excuse to get out of the fog in the city, Plate Shop is just a quick drive over the bridge or a short ferry ride.  


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