Tasty Treats - Salted Caramel Ding Dong Chocolate Cake

When the fabulous and newly married pinner, Maia, repinned this recipe from Portugese Girl Cooks, I immediately repinned it to my Savvy Desserts board.  Salted caramel and ding dong in the same sentence is almost too much to handle.  My friend, the talented Michele of Cakewalk Baking and Pastry Chef at the Berkeley restaurant Zut!,  repinned it from my board and then made it within a couple of days. She said that everyone went crazy for it! I'm having a hard time getting it out of my head, so I think that it might need to be made ASAP.

What is your favorite cake recipe? 


  1. Lets go to Zut! and have her make it for us. :)

  2. Anytime - just let me know when you're coming!!

    1. Yummy! I still would LOVE that lemon curd cake recipe!! Maybe a blog post???? ;-)


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