Cheers to 2013

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had an amazing holiday with loved ones!  I know I've enjoyed the last two weeks with the family and if I'm honest it was nice not to worry about getting a post out before going to bed.  It was pretty fabulous to just focus on our not so little family and enjoy these three little munchkins that seem to be growing up so fast! 

I, of course, had a huge list of do's and honey do's for the time that we had off and I feel like we barely made a dent in the list.  But sometimes you have to let go of that list and focus on being together.  But my biggest goal for the month of January is to finally make our way through that list.  It ranges from hanging art on the wall (yes we moved back in March and still half of our art and photographs have not been hung), organizing the kids' playroom, organizing our master bedroom and even small little things that never seem to be done like buying and replacing light bulbs (why is this such a hard task).

I wanted to share some of my goals for 2013 with all of you.  I thought if I put them out to the universe they might have a higher chance of being accomplished!

I actually started working on this goal in the beginning of December (which a lot of people thought was crazy right before the holidays, but I figured that it would give me a better mindset at all of the Christmas celebrations - and it did).  Charlotte is 18 months old and I've had the hardest time trying to lose this extra baby weight due to all kinds of factors - she's my third child, I'm older than I was with my first, I have a hard time finding time to workout when I am driving kids to and from school, activities, etc and last but not least - I LOVE TO EAT AND DRINK good food and wine!  So far things have been going great (I've lost 10 pounds already), but I still have a lot more to go.  I've upped my presence at the gym and I have some fun things to share with all of you (more about that this week) that will hopefully aid me in this weight loss process.  I'm just excited to finally get my body back after being pregnant and nursing for SIX SOLID YEARS (WHAT!!!). 

Many of you probably don't know, but I created a website for my photography business over a YEAR AGO!  I went to ALT Summit and swore I would finish it when I got back.  But the problem is that I never gave it enough time.  I always felt too busy working on the blog or editing photos to devote enough time to update the pictures that I had previously uploaded onto it.  All I need to do and it seems pretty simple when I type it out, but has seemed pretty impossible over the last year, is take ONE DAY to just focus on the website and it will be ready to "officially" launch.

I'm still working hard on finding a balance between family, photography, my blog and most importantly ME!  But I do want to continue to grow Savvy in San Francisco and make sure that I am bringing and sharing quality content with you.  This includes being better about setting an editorial schedule and trying to partner up with fabulous brands and companies (more on one of these this week) that can help us out in our daily hectic lives!  I also want to hear more from all of you about what you would like to hear more about from me - San Francisco, restaurants, cool products, shopping, things that help Moms out, travel, etc?  What do you want to talk about? 

I have a lot more items on my resolution list, but these are a couple of my top resolutions that I wanted to share with you!  What are yours? Do you like setting resolutions for yourself?  Do you feel like January 1st is a clean slate?                              



  1. It sounds like you are on your way to accomplishing all your goals! Cheers to success in 2013!

  2. Things you write constantly inspire me, I'm a fan of savvy in san francisco, a blog is so full of life that is very easy to worship
    I'm thankful for every information you give, every time I feel closer to fulfilling my dream and live in this beautiful place, as is San Francisco.

    1. Thank you Carolina! I hope you are able to accomplish your dream of living here! XX

  3. Love this and love you. Among the many goals I have.... Doing a Stella and Dot hostess show on your blog!! And talking to you more. Xoxo

    1. Steph - Love you! Yes! That is one of my goals! XX

  4. I'm such a fan and I LOVE these resolutions. If I can help you out in ANY way, you just let me know. :)


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