True Confessions of a Photographer

Even though I am a photographer, it's pretty much impossible to get all three of my kids to look and smile at the camera! It's actually easier to capture other people's children.  I'm the new person there to make them laugh and capture those special smiles and giggles.  But I've become the hounding paparazzi to my children.  They are so tired of mommy being in their faces with her camera that I am finding it harder to capture their natural smiles and especially all at once.

Any other photographers out there that have any special tricks that work with capturing their own children?

*These pictures are from our day at SeaWorld in Orlando from our Spring Break trip to Florida.


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  1. I am not a photographer but this is ALWAYS a problem for us. It takes about 100 shots to get all 5 people looking the same way....if it happens at all!

    1. Sarah - Seriously!!! It's so hard! It's easy separately, but nearly impossible with all three! XX


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