Mom Knows Best

When Nestle Pure Life asked me to write a post sharing some of the wisdom I have learned from my mother over the years, it was hard to pick just one great piece of advice.  I've learned so many lessons from my mom and she has truly helped shape me into the woman and mother I am today.  She's always pushed me to go after what I want and been there to support me through it.  

I think the biggest lessons I have learned from my mom have helped me be the mom that I am to my children.  Family time was always so important in our family growing up.  My mom made sure that we all sat down together at the dinner table for dinner and had that family time with each other.  I make sure that we all sit down for dinner, so that we can all share our days with each other. 

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water is on a mission to help families enjoy healthy, feel-good lifestyles and encourage them to join the Hydration Movement and drink more water.   They would love for you to share with them on their Facebook page some of your Mom's wisdom!


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*Thanks to Nestle Pure Life Purified Water for sponsoring today's discussion!


  1. What a darling picture! I agree, that family dinner time is very important. Please check out my Nestle post on my blog when you get a chance!


    1. Thanks Marissa! I will head over now! Thanks for coming by! XX


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