Cheers to the Weekend

The girls wearing their new kurtas from Rikshaw Design.
My new baubles from the Margaret Elizabeth jewelry sample sale!

Cheers to the weekend!  Has this week felt really long to anyone else?  I'm so glad that the weekend is finally here. Besides a soccer game on Saturday and brunch/bike ride in Golden Gate Park on Sunday (praying for no fog), our weekend is pretty open.  Lately our weekends have been jammed full of activities (just like our week), which is fun, but sometimes you just need a weekend where you wake up and decide that day what to do.  

This past Thursday, Rikshaw Design, had a sample sale along with Margaret Elizabeth jewelry and we found some great little treasures for all three of us!  The picture above is the girls rocking their new kids kurtas from Rikshaw.  I just adore all of their fabrics and prints.  

Do you use the VSCO cam app?  Do you have a VSCO grid?  They just approved mine and you can find me here: I love the simple and clean look to the grid to really highlight the pictures.  

What are your plans for the weekend? 


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  1. thanks for sharing your goodies! still can't believe I missed you (again!)!


    1. Meg - I know! We keep missing each other. Hope to see you soon! XX

  2. Love VSCO cam! I use it for everything haha. I will definitely check out the grid, I've never heard of it. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday :)



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