Rivet & Sway Eyewear

I first discovered Rivet & Sway, an eyewear company designed specifically for women, when I attended Alt Summit in San Francisco and met Emily from their team.   She let me have a sneak peek at their designs that they did in collaboration with Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind.  

Rivet & Sway have a try-on service for home, where you pick five pairs to try-on at home and then send them all back after you pick your favorite pair.   They also recently reduced their pricing to be more competitive with other eyewear companies. Your first pair of prescription glasses are $169 and each additional pair that are ordered at the same time are $99.  I loved all the different shapes and color combinations that they offer.

Now I need your help in ordering my first pair from Rivet & Sway!  Which pair do you like best on me?  



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