Savvy Travel: Bonjour from France

Bonjour from Provence, France!  Actually bonjour from the train speeding through the French countryside at 200mph from Provence back to Paris.  

I've been a little MIA on the blog getting ready to leave and then being on the trip.  Carlos and I are here celebrating our nine year anniversary (it's actually today - love you honey)!  We have spent four days in Provence and we are now headed back to Paris to spend our last four days there.  

Carlos actually proposed to me almost 10 years ago (July 2004) at the tip of Ile Saint Louis.  So, it is an extra special trip for us to be here celebrating being married for nine years in Paris together.  

The weather is saying that rain is in our future for all four days, but I'm being hopeful that it will move out and the sun will make an appearance for at least a couple of the days we are there.  One of the things that I love about Paris is how much walking we do all over the city.  This is our fourth time to visit and it never seems to get old for us.  We love walking and exploring the city everytime we are here and there always seems to be a new discovery awaiting us.   Plus the walking helps justify all the pain au chocolat and croissants that we eat! 

I will try to post more along the way, but if not, please follow me on Instagram: to see what we are up to while in France.

Au Revoir mes amis,


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  1. France is such a beautiful and diverce country all packed in one lovely and historic hexagon.I have been living here for the past 6 almost 7 years and I have so much to discover.


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