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Ever since returning from returning from France I've been obsessed (that's putting it mildly) with skincare and cosmetics.  I blame GOOP, Lisa Eldridge and the French Pharmacies (more on that haul later).  I still need to share our trip to France (sans kids) with all of you, but I thought I would quickly share some of my new beauty purchases that I've discovered in the last couple of weeks.

My new BareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is amazing!  It gives you the coverage of foundation but it feels like a tinted sunscreen when you put it on.  The BareSkin is so lightweight and doesn't feel heavy on the skin.  The BareSkin Perfecting Face Brush seems to be the key to applying and blending your foundation into your skin so that it gives your skin a natural look.

I had to try this Color WOW Root Cover Up when I heard such good things about it.  I'm not going to lie, those grey hairs have been sneaking in and I don't want to have to keep going to my colorist constantly to hide them!  You can test them out at Space NK to find your perfect shade.

I've always wanted to try one of Urban Decay's Naked Palettes.  I was drawn to the gorgeous shades of rose and pink in their new Naked3 Palette!  I love that it has both matte and shimmer eyeshadows in a variety of colors from light to dark.  Of course I had to buy the double ended Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil since it matches two of the shades in the palette.

The Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant mask I bought from a recommendation from Lisa Eldridge as a gentle way to exfoliate your skin for brighter skin and to help encourage cell turnover.  I'm always looking for a way to get rid of this pregnancy melasma (brown splotchiness) that still is on my skin even though it's been three years since I was last pregnant.  Oh the joys of being a woman!

I'm always in search of a fabulous lipstick, balm or gloss for my lips.  Being a mom of three and constantly on the go, I need something that is going to multi-task for me: give me a hint of color and moisturize my lips.  I've tried two new ones that I'm liking.  The Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment gives a nice amount of color on your lips, provides SPF 15 and is very moisturizing. The Clarins Lip Balm Crayon is a lighter color coverage on your lips but is still moisturizing but does not have any SPF in it.

What are some of your favorite new beauty purchases?  Any new products that you can't live without?  I would love to read about them in the comments!


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