Back to School with the OneDay App

When I attended BlogHer last month, I met some of the team members behind OneDay App and was very impressed with their app.  As a photographer, I'm constantly taking a ton of pictures of my kids, but when it comes to video taping, I completely forget to do it.  That's where OneDay comes in!

OneDay is an IOS app that creates movies of curated stories and questions that you ask your child and then you record your child while they answer the questions.  OneDay provides ideas and content for the stories (back to school, when I grow up, vacation memories, about mom & dad, about me, etc) and the best part of all is that the app does all of the editing for you.  After creating the movie you are able to save it to the camera roll or store it in the app for free.  You are also able to share it on Facebook, Twitter, email or text.

With summer ending and school starting back this week, it's been a great tool for me to capture all three of the kids thoughts on their summer vacation and the new school year ahead.

What I love about OneDay is it captures your child at that moment in time (the way they talk and the way they think) and you can create these videos as often as you want.   It is such a quick process and then you have this little time capsule video memory of them.  The story sets (curated questions) are very kid-friendly questions, allowing you to ask your kids thought provoking questions that not only bring out their creativity, but capture the personality at that very stage of their childhood.

One of the best features that is coming soon to OneDay is the ability to enter your own questions or stories.  It will be great to be able to customize the questions to your child or to a specific moment that you want to capture.

Right now, OneDay, is free to download from iTunes, but it won't be free for long.  So make sure you get a chance to download it onto your iPhone before they start charging for the app.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OneDay, but all of thoughts, opinions, videos and ideas are my own

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