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When Madison Reed asked me to participate in their home "Better For You" hair color campaign, I was very interested.  I was excited to find out that Madison Reed is not only is a San Francisco company but that they are bringing the salon-quality hair color and delivering it right to your door.  They have also found a way to remove harsh ingredients (Ammonia, Parabens & Ethanol Alcohol) and enrich the hair color with Keratin, Argan Oil & Ginseng Root.  

A couple of years ago I had been going to the salon to get my hair highlighted and I had taken a break from that to give my hair a rest since it seemed to be drying it out pretty badly.  I started buying more natural hair coloring options from Good Earth grocery store to help aid in covering gray. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about ladies.  Those pesky gray hairs that are slowly creeping into your hair color.  

Madison Reed's "Better For You" hair color home delivery service is extremely easy to use.  You go online or through their mobile app and then you either use their Color Advisor or their Color Translator (using your current home hair color brand and translating to their colors) to choose one of their 32 colors.  Their goal is to deliver a little bit of pampering and a little bit of glamour all in the convenience of your home and on your own time.  Madison Reed wants to support you every step of the way (always available for online or over the phone consultations) to make sure your hair looks incredible and you feel fantastic (the most important part - right!).

Once you choose you find your right shade Madison Reed sends you this most impressive box with all the things you need to do salon-quality hair at home.  Everything is nicely labeled and the easy instructions (with pictures) are laid out on the left and right side of the box (no pesky gigantic instruction sheets that take up half of your bathroom). 

What I loved best about the hair color was the lack of strong smells that normally come with other hair color kits.  This didn't smell while I was doing it on myself and it didn't leave my hair with a strong chemical smell after I had finished doing it.  It left my hair, which had slowly worked into two different colors with the highlights bright at the end, and it made it one color with subtle highlights that are perfect for the winter.  I chose Napoli Brown (5NGV), which is a natural deep warm brown with hints of gold.  It left my hair shiny, with a new brilliant color and most importantly, soft.

Another favorite aspect of this company is that you can either order a box at a time for $29.95 or you can set it up for auto delivery for $24.95, with it shipping anywhere from three weeks to ten weeks, depending on your hair schedule.  I don't know how many times I've realized it's time to color my hair and I've forgotten to buy it.  Then it takes me forever to remember to make a special trip to pick it up.  With Madison Reed you don't have to think about it.  It just shows up at your door and you are set.  What's even nicer is that they offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason!   

Madison Reed is offering all Savvy in San Francisco readers 50% off your first purchase with this link!  The code is Better4U and is valid until 12/31/14. 

What do you think of my color change?  What do you do to hide those pesky grays?


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*This post is brought to you in partnership with Madison Reed.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting sponsored posts on Savvy in San Francisco.

** First image via Madison Reed.

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