Savvy Kids: Father/Daughter Dance

My little Kindergartner went on her first date with her Daddy to the Father/Daughter dance at school. It was so sweet to see the excitement and joy in her eyes as she got ready and waiting for her Daddy to get home to take her.  

He took her out to dinner first.  It was the first time the two of them have ever gone out by themselves to dinner.  I think being one of three kids and being the middle child, it's so important that she get that special time with her parents.  

I also read somewhere that a Father said you should date your daughter and show her how she should be treated so when she grows up she has good expectations how to be treated nicely on a date. 

It was such a sweet moment watching them walk off hand in hand to dinner.  I know for Tatum it was a magical night that she got all to herself.  She had the best time with her Daddy and all of her Kindergarten friends dancing the night away!


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