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I have been a Rocksbox member for two and a half years, since they started.  I knew when I hear about them, a monthly jewelry rental service, I was in love!  I might have a slight jewelry addiction (along with beauty, clothes and shoes).

Rocksbox is like Netflix for jewelry.  You are sent three curated pieces that you can borrow for 2 months time (you can do less time or you can do the two full months depending on how often you want to update your pieces).  The fee is $19 a month and you always have the option to purchase one of your pieces at a 20% off discount rate or you can choose to send all three items back.

Rocksbox is the perfect solution for a jewelry junkie like me.  It lets me play with new stuff without adding too many items to my overstocked selection.  You all know how you can get bored with your old stuff and crave a new piece to play with - Rocksbox helps you curb that craving!

I'm partnering with Rocksbox and for the next 30 days, Savvy in San Francisco readers get one month for FREE to try out their service.  After 30 days, the code will then give my readers 50% off their first month.  So if any of you have been wanting to try Rocksbox, now is the time!  The code is savvyinsfxoxo.

What do you think of my newest pieces that they sent me?

Happy shopping!


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*This post is brought to you in partnership with Rocksbox.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting sponsored posts on Savvy in San Francisco.

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  1. Nice! I just signed up myself for Rocksbox, love it already. Nice to meet a fellow SF blogger as well :) *waves from the East Bay* -


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