Aquarium of the Bay

On Monday, we headed to Aquarium of the Bay at Pier 39. My general rule is to stay CLEAR of Pier 39, but with Carlos off of work, we wanted to take advantage of our Daddy time and I wanted to take advantage of having an extra set of hands at the aquarium. It is for the most part, possible to stay away from the crowds at Pier 39, since the Aquarium is to the right of the entrance of Pier 39. It was extra crazy at Pier 39 on Monday, since a lot of people take vacation between Christmas and New Years, but the Aquarium was not that busy. '

If you drive, try to find metered street parking ($3.00 an hour - the new meters take your credit card - because who carries around $6.00 in quarters). The garage across the street from Pier 39 is $7.00 per hour and will validate up to one hour, but for two hours you are still paying $14.00 versus $6.00.

The Aquarium of the Bay isn't a small Aquarium, but is just enough to get a taste and not too much to push your kids into grumpy mode. If you are a member of the SF Zoo or Oakland Zoo, you receive 50% off of the admission price.  It only cost the four of us $20.00 to visit. The Aquarium has a very cool under the bay section that simulates being under the bay. It also has a section called touch the bay where you are able to touch sting rays, sharks and starfish. Be sure to check it out, if you are looking for a fun adventure!

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