Christmas with the Rosenlunds

We met The Rosenlunds at the Oakland Zoo on the day before Christmas Eve to check out the Zoo Lights. The Oakland Zoo has a huge light show and it is really fun to walk around at night and check out the lights while all of the animals are sleeping. They have a train there that you can take around the zoo to check out the lights. I brought my nice camera to take some cool night lights pictures and it proceeded to stay nicely tucked away in my Epiphanie bag. It was really cold and I didn't feel like pulling it out while trying to push Tatum in the stroller. I pulled out the iPhone and took some really bad night time pics of Tatum and I on the merry-go-round (her first ride) and one of the lights. On the last one.....if you look really closely you can see Tatum and I in the mirror, but it's pretty dark.  

After the zoo, we headed over to the Rosenlund's house to warm our cold bodies up with some of Aunt Linsey's famous chili and exchange presents. I think that Carlos enjoyed Landon's new scooter more than Landon did! I missed the actual moment, but Barrett and Tatum gave each other a sweet kiss before Barrett went to bed. Then Carlos and Jeff disappeared into Jeff's newly decked out "man cave". Everyone enjoyed plenty of wine except the pregnant mama and Carlos was able to enjoy the designated driver that he has been awarded for nine months!

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  1. The picture at the top is so sweet of Tatum and Barrett!!


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