My Expanding Wardrobe

Even though I haven't really had to move into maternity clothes yet, since I live in leggings and skinny jeans (with a little stretch), I am anticipating my ever changing baby bump. I am going to try to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out my leggings, long tank tops and boyfriend cardigans as long as I can! I already bought the Gap maternity drop-waist ponte dress in gray and black since I bought them on store for $4.99. That is right....I said $4.99. For some reason it was on super sale in the store but is still $49.99 online. I also already own the Old Navy Maternity Low-Rise Relaxed Fit Jeans. They are great with my ballet flats. The thing that I love about the styles out right now is that they are flowy and more forgiving, so you can get away with wearing a lot of regular sized clothes and supplementing with some maternity pieces. 

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