Sanchez - Party of Five

Carlos and I got a huge surprise eight weeks ago when we found out that I was expecting our third child. We are still trying to digest that we are going from a family of four to a family of five. The kids are going to outnumber us! I am thirteen weeks tomorrow and our newest little sweet pea is due in June. Landon is requesting another baby sister! We will find out in January if he is right. My comment section is now open and waiting for advice from all you mothers out there that have three or more kids and how you stay sane! ;-)


  1. Congratulations!! No advice for you, since I only have two...but lots of best wishes sent your way!

  2. Its insane Melissa! But its always a party. Congrats and it will take you no time to adjust. I swore I was never leaving the house with three kids to do anything, but of course I do!


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