Sorry I have been MIA these last couple of days, we decided to push our way into tag along on Carlos' business trip to Boca Raton. So, after five and half hours of torture with Tatum on a plane (similar to a cat in a bag), we made it here on Sunday night. We have been enjoying this warm weather (upper 70's), beach and pool time, while Daddy works. I have to say that I have been impressed with myself and even more impressed with the bambinos. I was nervous about going to the beach and the pool by myself with the two of them. Those are usually activities I try to only tackle two on two, but I have been braving them on my own and they are actually listening really well. Probably because of the newness of the place and the fact that we are on vacation, but they are acting on their best behavior. Landon has decided that we should live in hotels and has personally taken a liking to every staff member at the hotel. He likes to inform them that we are on vacation in Florida (just in case they are not sure which state they are residing in) and what particular adventure we are off to do. 

These are pictures I took a couple days into January when the sun finally decided to come out and we hit the playground back in San Francisco.

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