Savvy in the Magic Kingdom

We were nervous about spending so much money on a place that Landon was refusing to go to. We kept asking him if he wanted to go to Disney World and he kept saying no. In the end we decided that we would take him to the Magic Kingdom (a big playground with a lot of toy stores) and he was IN! We went with the expectations that he wouldn't ride a single ride, but would enjoy looking around. Landon has never been very adventurous when it comes to rides, merry go rounds or trains. But we were pleasantly surprised that he got on It's a Small World and he loved it! we didn't tell him what it was and we just waited in the line and then boarded him onto a boat and then we were off, but STILL...he was on a ride! I am just glad that he loved it. Baby steps on getting him to try new things and realize that they can be fun.  I didn't take a lot of pictures since Disney World isn't about photographing it, but enjoying it. I ended up only taking a couple on my camera and a couple on my iPhone.

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