Flying Home

As you can see from the iPhone pictures above, our flight home from Florida was a lot smoother than the flight out. Landon really isn't the problem when it comes to flying, it is his sister! We ended up realizing that it was a big mistake to try to take her one last time as a lap child. This kid is NOT a lap child. Tatum resembles a cat in a bag on a plane. She can't sit still and never has been able to. Even though we brought a ton of books and toys, she plays with them for about 45 seconds and then is ready for the next thing. What we realized was that if we let her sit in our seat or Landon's seat, she was a lot more calm. So, if for any reason we travel again before she turns two, we will definitely be buying her a seat of her own. 

Jordan Ferney (who is currently on her way to Paris with her family to live for the next year - so jealous) posted some great travel tips for travelling with small kids on airplanes on her blog the other day and I thought that I would share them. My favorite tip is wrapping up small and inexpensive toys in crepe paper for them to open up during takeoff and landing, when they are not allowed to use electronic devices. 

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