Binky and Blanky Addiction

Do they have a patch for binky/blanky addiction? Tatum is a late teether. At 19 months she only has 10 teeth. We still have a long teething road ahead of us. For the last two months she has been getting a couple of big molars, which have not agreed with her. I have always tried to keep the blanket and binky solely in the crib or the car. But she has been so fussy lately while teething and all she wants to comfort her is her blanket and binky. It will even get to the point where it seems like she is taking a smoke blanket/binky break in her crib for 15 minutes or so and then will ask to get out.  What to do...what to do for my little teether??

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  1. Let her enjoy the comfort of her sweet blanket. The Binky on the other hand is a bit more tricky to get rid of when they are older. She is so sweet!!


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