High Gloss & Matchbook Magazines

As if I didn't have enough distractions in my life, there are two new adorable digital magazines that just put out their premier issues in the last week, High Gloss and Matchbook.

It is strange how hard it has become for me to pick up a real magazine these days.  I order them, they stack up and then they get piled into our coffee table to die. If Carlos asks, YES, I am going to read them some day soon. It just seems easier to checkout a magazine online while I am surfing around on my computer and distracting myself from everything else that I am supposed to be doing.  This should make Carlos really happy that there are more and more digital magazines popping up and hopefully that will mean my subscriptions that come via snail mail will come to a halt. If you have an iPad, there is a fun FREE app called Zinio, where you can subscribe to your favorite magazines, Elle, Living, Rolling Stone and you can even get your weekly smut update via US Weekly. You can also download Zinio onto your iPhone or your desktop. Some people like to physically hold their magazines, but I for one am interested in decluttering my life with all this excess stuff that is swallowing up our house! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!! It is supposed to be 69 degrees in San Francisco tomorrow and I am thrilled! 

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