San Francisco Spas

My good friend, Maile, asked me for recommendations for San Francisco Spas, so I thought I would share my favorites with all of you. 

My favorite spa in the city hands down is Nob Hill Spa at The Huntington Hotel. I have been there a bunch of times including a bachelorette spa day. They have a small terrace (rare in SF) but it can be pretty cold if it is a foggy day. If not, it is nice to sit outside in your robe and enjoy the sunshine while reading your favorite magazine. Inside they have a hot tub, swimming pool, sauna and steam room along with their treatment rooms. If you go, I recommend making a long day of it. Go before hand and enjoy the pool and the terrace and then after your treatment, enjoy some lunch of their spa menu (my favorite is the fresh lobster spring rolls - mmmmmm).
I also love the Remede Spa at the St. Regis. They also have an indoor pool, steam room, spa and sauna, but no outdoor space. The fun little treat is their waiting room. While it is on the smaller side, they have cheese, fruits,chocolate and champagne for you while you wait. Did I mention the champers?? I have gone to the Remede Spa a couple of times and always made sure I get my moneys worth out of the extra "perks". 
I have not been to the Cavallo Point Spa, but it is on my list of go to places. It is literally tucked into the hills right below the Golden Gate Bridge with an amazing view of San Francisco. It used to be a military base and they converted it into a beautiful hotel with an option to stay in their modern hotel or one of the historic houses. They also have a delicious restaurant, Murray Circle, that we have enjoyed brunch at in the past. Hopefully, I will be able to go check out the spa soon and will report back to you! 


  1. I knew when you commented on my Tahoe post, that any trip that included spa was your kind of trip. I have an appointment at Remede scheduled for Tuesday. I can't wait! Kate is the best.

  2. Nob Hill Spa is my favorite in the city - my husband even loves going there (he splashes around in the infinity pool while the staff follows him around the edge with a mop). My favorite "out of town" spa is Solage in Calistoga. I had the best prenatal massage there. Great post!


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