Accessory Obsession

I added a flower broach to my beads - inspired by P.S. I made this
Two new deals I picked up at Banana Republic on clearance. Love the bracelet!
Three pairs of earrings that I made this week. They took 10 minutes to make! So easy!
Sparkly new ring from Forever 21
Still loving my jewelry holder that I bought at Home Goods. I feel like I am shopping every morning when I decide what to put on for the day. Very fun!

When you are pregnant, clothes are definitely not as fun as they used to be. You are trying your best to minimize your bump and not look like a large waddling duck! My favorite thing to shop for while I am pregnant is jewelry and shoes - the two things that definitely still fit as your ever expanding stomach gets larger.

My baby boy is turning four tomorrow (sniff sniff), so we are off to San Diego for the weekend. Hello Old Town...I will be heading your way for some good Mexican food and some non-alcoholic margaritas (unfortunately). Hoping to get some beach/pool time in tomorrow while Carlos is at a conference. Saturday we are headed to see Shamu at Sea World and Sunday we are headed to La Jolla. This is my first solo flight with both of the bambinos and I am a little nervous especially since I am six and half months pregnant! Wish me luck!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! I just love the two sets of gold earrings you made. LOVE them. Especially the gold with pink stone. Have fun in San Diego. I've never flown with my two alone, but it's good that the trip is a short one.

  2. TVO-They were SO EASY to make. I bought them at Baubles & Beads. Only two pieces to put together. They have a green colored stone just like the pink that I think I am going to go back to purchase. I need to also go back on my own. I went there with both kids and would not recommend taking the kids with you!

  3. I love the earrings you made with the pink stone! so intricate and cute!

  4. Great finds at Home Goods! Hope you had fun in San Diego :)


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